Mahmoud Galal aka KroKing

Software Engineer and Open source contributor

I am a software engineer with 2 years of experenice developing and building full-stack apps.

I Like coffee, but I like exploring new tech more.

Over the past years I have worked with different tech stacks, Typescript, Javascript, Go, C++, React, NestJS, AWS, Postgres, MongoDB, Electron, SQL, Docker, Terrafrom, Nginx, Vue, NextJS, AstroJS, in different domains including dev-tools, Security, Healthcare, B2B.

I enjoy figuring out new things about the Web Platform, that why you might see me talk a lot about Web, cause I have a fortune experenice in it.

I keep my eyse always on faster execution, but with preformance and quality.

I keen a lot of interest in SRE and building monitoring tools, and dealing with systems and infra, I adore SSH a machine and configure it, with a lot of love of automating the task that take a 2 min, to build a script that takes 5h of my time 😂.

I'm intersted into investment into small teams, from 1k to 5k.

so reach me out if you are looking for a tiny Angle Investor and also a tiny software consultant